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6. Pre-offer house inspection

Doing a house inspection is an important part of the homebuying process that typically happens after your offer has been accepted. This means that if a major problem (such as structural issues that were not disclosed) is discovered during the inspection, you have the opportunity to negotiate with the seller or cancel the offer without the risk of losing the earnest deposit. Attorneys are there for a reason so they will guide you through this! Note that if you waived the inspection contingency, you will not be able to conduct an inspection until you have closed on the property. 

In today’s market, most buyers choose to waive inspections to make their offer competitive. In this case, we highly recommend doing a pre-offer home inspection. During a pre-inspection, the inspector will do a "walk-through" of the house and verbally note the issues they identify. A quick google research is generally enough to get started to find a home-inspector.


  • Pre-home inspections are cheaper (costs around $200-$500 per house on average) than general inspections.

  • This gives you a chance to go see the house again and also with a second set of eyes and re-assess the factors you need to incorporate into your purchasing decision.

  • Since you might be placing an offer over the weekend, make sure to check the home inspector’s availability.

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