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Move-in checklist

Lists of things to consider before moving into your new home!

  • Set up utilities: water, electric, gas, internet

  • Complete deep cleaning of the home

  • Hire locksmith to change locks and keys

  • Measure windows and order curtains and blinds

  • Easiest to also complete any paint jobs or flooring treatment at this stage

  • Hire a moving company/buy boxes and moving supplies

  • Buy trash and recycling cans if your town does not provide one

  • Set up USPS mail forwarding

  • Change address on your financial accounts 

  • Notify Registry of Motor Vehicles (or Department of Motor Vehicles) of move and change car registration details

  • Update any pet registrations

  • Separately pack items that you need immediately within 24 hours 

Instantly access neighborhood specific renovations costs!

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