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3. Get a real-estate agent


As a first-time homebuyer, you want to get a buyer’s agent (essentially a free service to you since the buyer’s agent commission is typically paid by the seller). You want an agent who is specialized in your target neighborhood, meaning they have done real estate deals in the neighborhood you are interested in. There are lots of ways of finding a real real estate agent.


  • Talk to at least 3 real estate agents or seek referrals from someone who has had a great experience.

  • An ideal real estate agent has many years of experience and can provide more insight on the house than just opening the door and reciting things you can read on Zillow

  • Don’t sign an exclusive contract with the agent . That gives you maximum flexibility to evaluate their performance and change to a new agent if you are not satisfied.

  • If a real estate agent is pressuring you to buy a house asap, that is a red-flag.

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